Amazing Weightloss Transformation From 96KG to 46KG By Coach Barbie


96kg-46kg journey..
I didnt always know what i wanted to do but i knew the kind of woman i wanted to be ,if you had something you never had then youve got to do something youve never done.This is my more than five months journey in lossing weight.I realized that theres different between interest and commitment ,when ur interested in doing something you do it only when its convinient.When youre commited to do something you accept only no excuses,only results.Nothing will work unless you do.I dont work hard bec. I hate my body.I work hard bec. I love it.. To all women out there who wants to loss weight and starting lossing weight .,believe you can and it will happen.Dont wait until youve reach your goal ,be proud of your self.Be proud 👊 of every step you take toward reaching your goal..We can do it 😘 Im here to help you..and share you my secrets and strategies .Its all worth it .If you are relpally serious in lossing weight i can help!

Weight loss is a complicated subject, but it doesn’t have to be. Most of us have a wounded gut, triggered by antibiotic overuse and antibiotics in food, that contributes to stubborn weight gain and obesity.
Researchers have discovered five important ways that your gut health influences your weight:
1. Metabolism: Gut bacteria harvest energy and can provide from 4-10% of your daily calories.
2. Hormonal Balance: Gut bacteria regulate gut hormones needed to control blood sugar, reduce leaky gut, and help you feel full.
3. Genetics: Your genome influences your inner ecosystem; genetic mutations can affect the hormone leptin that helps you to feel full, or satiated.
4. Inflammation: Unhealthy gut bacteria release toxins that trigger systemic inflammation; high levels of bacterial toxin have been found in those with type 2 diabetes and obesity.
5. Leaky Gut: An inflamed, leaky gut has been associated with problems with blood sugar and obesity.

6.PROTECTS Your body from obesity
Provita Probiotics support your gut health and make natural weight loss possible. Enjoy Our Proweightloss Program it will gives you the right formula how to be healthy and the correct and real program in weightloss that can help to reduce body weight and inflammation..with no starvation!

I understand that so many of you tried several products and invest so much money and time just to lose weight.Maybe to have a sexy body, wear your old fitted pants, live a healthy life and you just love your body so much.Unfortunately, you didnt achieve those goals and wasted so much thousands.Now, I am happy to share with you the program that helped me gain back my confidence and healthier body. This is not just for marketing reasons but for our mission — help more women to fight takes just a little guys to make a CHANGE…

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..never give up on your dream body…..never….

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